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MODular Range

Hob Units
Table top, free standing, 2 burners, 4 electric plates... the choice is endless. At Parry we know that caterers have very different needs depending on the type cooking they do and you can see this attention to our customers needs in our range of hob units.

We offer a full range of 2,4 & 6 hob gas and electric hobs that are as at home being either floor mounted with the addition of a stand or placed on a table top. Add to this that we provide them in a range of 'weights' in the form of our Alpha, Paragon or Ultima ranges to suit your cooking style and you begin to see them in a whole new light. We also offer specific LPG models for mobile and outside catering, very thoughtful. For further information on our LPG range visit the Downloads page and download our LPG catalogue or visit the LPG section of our site.

For more information on our full range of Hob Units please view the products below or talk to you local Parry dealer. Or if you wish, make an appointment to visit our fully fitted showroom at Parry head office.

AG2HP, 4HP & 6HP
Modular range LPG gas hob units
Modular range Electric hob unit
Modular Range Electric Hob Unit

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