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MODular Range

Plate Warmers
There's nothing quite as disappointing as being served a nice hot meal on a cold plate. It sucks the heat out of the meal leaving it cold on the plate and your customers less than impressed.

The answer is simplicity it's self. A plate warmer from Parry. Our plate warmers are available in a variety of sizes and capacities depending on your specific needs, both short and tall, single and double and all easy to clean. And because they are manufactured from high quality 430 stainless steel with chrome wire shelves & radius tops, they are built with a long working life in mind. We even offer them with digital temperature displays so you can make sure that the plates are at the perfect temperature. And finally they do a rather good job as adopted popadum warmers as many of our Indian customers keep telling us!

For more information on our full range of plate warmers please view the products below or talk to you local Parry dealer. Or if you wish, make an appointment to visit our fully fitted showroom at Parry head office.

1832, 1868
Modular range Single door electric plate warmers
1863, 1869
Modular range Double electric plate warmers
Modular Range Heated Plate Lowerator Trolley

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