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MODular Range

Chip Scuttles
Piping hot crisp chips with fluffy centres - it doesn't get much better than that. Which is probably the reason why our love affair with chips and fries will be her for a long time to come.

At Parry we love chips just like the next man and our chip scuttles are designed to ensure that the chips you serve are piping hot and hard to resist. All are supplied on a 13 amp plug which will allow chips to be kept warm during service and a serving scoop as standard. Add to this that they are manufactured from high quality stainless steel and are designed to be easy to clean you can see why they are one of our most popular items.

For more information on our full range of chip scuttles please view the products below or talk to you local Parry dealer. Or if you wish, make an appointment to visit our fully fitted showroom at Parry head office.

CCS, 1925
Modular range Electric chip scuttles

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